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Comprehensive, Chronological INDEX of the case ; F=Filed, L=Lodged, S=Signed, R=Received

SWRCB APPLICATION A014115 - E.A. Wright/Fritz Mast Case Index
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Cat 1 CORRESPONDENCE VOL. 1 OF 1 RECORD OF FOLDER [" F " - date filed if date originated not evident]

[Inside of file front cover]

Applicant: Fritz Mast, Alma Mast and Floyd L. Harlan
Address: c/o Fritz Mast, 4 Cielo Court, Orinda, CA 94563

Application 14115 [pencil 16144] Permit ; [Related, A018965]
Applicant: E.A. Wright, crossed off, "see below"
Date filed 12/29/1950
Maps Filed 12/29/1950 A;County 11;Fee $5.00
Forms Sent 02/05/1951 8,8a,8b


  • 022151 Affidavit of posting Rec'd
  • 042651 Permit 8532 issued
  • 021455 Ext to 12/01/1957 to complete constr & use
  • 070857 Assd to Hugh W. & Phyllis M. Jamieson Jr.
  • 012158 Ext to 12/01/1959 to complete constr & use
  • 060960 Rept of Insp by F.M. Kuchta
  • 100660 Ext to 12/01/1962 to complete constr. & use
  • 071263 Rept. of Insp. by F.M. Kuchta
  • 032364 Order allowing Corr. of Descr. of point of diversion & corr. of Descr. of place of use
  • 031065 Lic. 7202 issued
  • 042667 Asgd to Sandy Lake Company, A Limited Partnership
  • 042667 Rept of Insp. by F.M. Kuchta
  • 042976 Records chgd to show Phyllis Bostick & Sandy Lake Company, a Limited Partnership as owner
  • 101289 Assigned to Fritz Mast
  • 051297 Assigned to Fritz Mast, Alma Mast & Floyd L. Harlan

    Record of Fees:

    Record of Folders

    [Inside of file back cover]


    UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn Parcel map 22-02; T20N R6W
  • UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn APN listing 22-02-0-001 & -002, Lands of Douglas & Pamela Campbell
    UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn Parcel map 25-13; T21N R6W
  • UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn APN listing 25-13-0-006 & -011, Lands of Douglas & Pamela Campbell
    UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn Index Book 22
  • UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn Parcel map 21-16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 ?
  • UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn APN 21-16 - 20 listing none highlighted
    UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn Index Book 25
  • UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn Parcel map 25-09, 10 & 11 ?
  • UNDATED TRW Real Estate Information, Glenn APN 25-09 - 11 listing none highlighted

    UNDATED Elk Creek vicinity taped-together photocopy topo map with 16 Fritz Mast ponds highlighted under Aps 14115, 18965, 20614, 20615

    122950 F E.A. Wright Ap 14115 map on Dept. of Public Works map form, N 1/2 NW 1/4 S9 & NE 1/4 NE 1/4 S8 T20N R6W unnamed stream
    UNDATED Approval For Signature, Extension Order - Class 3; 2 copies, both crossed out, "This should not be processed. [illeg]"
    Large envelope:
  • 122950 map on Dept of Public Works form, as above except estending into SE 1/4 SW 1/4 S4; "superseded"
    092161 empty returned envelope to Jamieson, sent to Elk Grove, resent to Elk Creek
    041989 return envelope to Phillis Bostick, Pacific Grove, contents letter O'Hagan/Permit & License Unit to Mast; re conveyance from Sandy Lake Company, Phillis Bostick & Elk Creek Associates to Fritz Mast & Alma Mast, will change records unless notified to the contrary within 30 days;

    032364 crude map of the pond location on quarter-quarter lines; Hugh W. & Phyllis M. Jamieson;

    PAPERS "BOUND" IN FILE (re-sorted in date order):


    122950 Application to Appropriate Unappropriated Water; Superseded, E.A. Wright, unnamed creek trib to Stony Creek; 200 a-f, 11/01 - 04/01; irrigation, stock water and recreational; POD South 792' & West 66' from the N 1/4 corner of S9 T20N R6W MDB & M, being within the NE 1/4 NW 1/4 S9 T20N R6W; 30' high, 175' long, 5' freeboard, of earth; flood in S9; surface 15.7 acres, 200 a-f; on-stream storage; estimated cost $2400, begin on or before 06/01/1951 end on or before 06/01/1952, use by 06/01/1954; POU 120 acres in S4 & 100 acres in S9 T20N R6W MDB & M as per map; own the land; stockwater for 400 head of cattle; irrigate 220 acres pasture 04/01 - 10/30; boating, swimming and plant fish;
    122950 receipt; E.A. Wright, $5.00


    011651 memo to/from [?] Holmes, Smitherum; E.A. Wright filed Ap. 14115 for 200 a-f/year, dam in NE 1/4 NW 1/4 S9 T20N R6W MDB & M, etc.
    020551 letter Edmonston/Dept Publ Works to Wright; enclosed 3 copies of notice, post 2 by 02/20/1951 & return enclosed affidavit
    020551 Notice of Application to Appropriate Water; 200 a-f/annum POU 220 acres, 80 within S 1/2 of SW 1/4 & 40 within SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 S4; 65 acres within N 1/2 of NW 1/4 & 35 within NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 S9 T20N R6W MDB & M; 40 days to protest; on back, mailing list
    020651 2 return receipt cards
    020551 letter Edmonston/State Engineer to Postmaster/Elk Creek, please post the notice
    021651 letter Edmonston/State Engineer to Counsel/Reclamation, added your name to the list for 8 aps
    022051 Affidavit of Posting Notice, E.A. Wright 02/20/1951 "on the front of the Elk Creek Store & in the Fruto StoreR
  • 020551 Notice of Application to Appropriate Water; a copy
    022651 letter Edmonston/State Engineer to Wright; received posting affidavit, "Further action will follow in due course."
    041051 Check for Permit (checklist); "no prior pending applications affected."
    042651 Permit Terms; $8.60
    042551 Water Right Permit for Signature of State Engineer; Form 223-B;
    050151 letter Edmonston/Dept Publ Works to Wright; Ap approved, $8.60 now due, if not received within 30 days will revoke;
    050751 receipt from Wright, $8.60 permit fee
    050851 letter Edmonston/Dept Publ Works to Wright; permit on reverse of enclosed ap copy; extensions on good cause, progress reports,
    050951 return receipt cards


    102752 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1952; "Built dam & spillway at a cost of $2900"; made use, "stockwater & recreation", all 12 months, filled in winter, did not use as much water as expected, will use full "As soon as I get in my pasture, probably '53"


    100853 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1953; additional works required "distribution system"; used now for stock & recreation all 12 months; expect full use 1954; collected water during the "rainy season"; "1 year extension of time requested; owner will be absent from ranch on business part of 1955 and desires to direct construction personally"


    111954 memo Johnson/Assistant Hydraulic Engineer to Files; On 11/18 "Mr. E.A. Wright called at the office in connection with Application 14115. During the visit he stated that the dam has been constructed and has been used for domestic and recreation purposes. A one year extension of time was requested to complete construction and apply the water to irrigation of 220 acres named in the application."
    UNDATED Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1954; not filled out, crayon "see memo dated" 11/19/1954


    020355 Water Right Order for Signature of State Engineer or Assistant State Engineer"; order granting extension, per statements in progress reports
    021455 Order Granting Extension of Time within which to Complete Construction and Use; to 12/01/1957; "WHEREAS good cause has been shown" [uh, where?]
    021555 letter Banks/Dept Publ Works to Wright; order to extend to 12/01/1957 entered
    021755 return receipt card


    011556 letter Banks/Dept Publ Works to Wright; sent you progress report form 10/01/1955 & reminder post card 11/15/1955, progress report is required; if a problem, please inform
    112656 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1956; water 550 cows & calves; swimming, boating, hunting & fishing, thru out year; estimate complete use by 1958


    061257 letter Spencer/Supervising Hydraulic Engineer to Jamieson; on 07/08/1957 Wright notified 14115 & 16144 & 16886 assigned to you;
    061757 Notice of Assignment, to Hugh W. Jamieson, Jr. and Phyllis M. Jamieson, husband and wife, c/o Alex Johnson, Elk Creek, California
    121157 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1957; 600 head of stock; swimming & boating; used stock water during winter months, expect longer or different season: "Planted 30 acres irrigated pasture for 1958 use. Arranging to install domestic water system to supply two dwellings and gardens and lawns" "Plan to add to irrigated pasture acreage if water supply adequate" "Present owners took possession in" 06/1957. In 01/1957 "the Supervisor of Dams Department notified the then owner - Edward A. Wright - that changes in the dam and spillway would be required to secure approval of the work and Mr. Wright has agreed to have the required changes made at his expense. [para] It is our understanding that these changes will be made about" 10/01/1958 "so that we shall lose a minimum quantity of stored water."
    121157 Notice of Expiration; "see item 7 of Progress report", estimate full use in 1959; "check Received $5.00" 12/13/1957
    121657 receipt $5.00 permit extension fee


    111158 Approval for Signature of State Water Rights Board or Chief Engineer, Extension Order - Class [blank]; 100% complete, but progress report shows "Plan to...."; Extend to 12/01/1959
    012158 Order Granting Extension of Time within which to Complete Construction and Use; to 12/01/1959
    012158 letter Jopson/SWRB to Jamieson; extension to 12/01/1959 granted
    012258 return receipt card
    081958 memo, Brown/Engineer of Dams to Jopson/SWRB; on 08/18/1958 Alex Johnson, Elk Creek filed with Engr of Dams to build an earth dam 35 feet hight with 400 a-f capacity for $4,000 in NW 1/4 S9 T20N R6W MDB & M for irrigation storage, Dam is already constructed [how did it get to 400 a-f? see various discussions below]
    100658 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1958; "completed but is being altered on instruction of Division of Supervision of Dams; use commenced, estimate 120 a-f, 27.25 acres irrigated pasture, 575 head of stock, 5 hp motor on pump for domestic; boating, fishing, swimming; used every month; not used as much as expected, "may experiment with full use on dry range"; extimate capacity 400 acre ft; filled October, overflowed balance of winter; Johnson, Agent; "The Division of Dam Supervision has required additional work on the dam and the spillway and the contractor will be on the job any day now (" 10/06/1958). [para] "While expense has been minimal on improving no construction has been done, so no expense incurred as of today." [difficult to read]


    111959 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1959; cost over past 12 months $12,381.22, "Bringing dam to conform to requirements of State Division of Supervision of Dams"; irrigated pasture 47 acres; 825 head of livestock; domestic yard and garden; boating & fishing; "Irrigation Apr to Oct. Stock water" 01/01/1959 - 05/13/1959 "and to Dec 31"; future "About the same"; "Evaporation this year seemed to be greater than usual." use estimated 135; collected Dec to March


    053160 SWRB to Jamieson; 06/06/1960 F.M. Kuchta will inspect
    061460 F inspect 06/09/1960 F.M. Kuchta , accompanied by Alex Johnson, Ranch Manager (Phyllis Jamieson's father), also info from Dam Department; "incomplete insofar as the establishing of use of water is concerned. Construction work to bring dam up to State requirements for safety, was completed in 1959 or late 1958. [para] Ranch Manager Johnson is submitting a request for a three year extension of time to allow feasible development of the place of use to be made and to establish use of water on the developed land. Since permittee acquired this property only in" 06/1958 "and circumstances attendant to this filing were definitely adverse, it appears that a full three year extension is warranted." POD appears to be erroneous; see A-18965 is actually the same point of diversion; "Appears from records of Division of Dams that original tie was in error -- correction needed only." diligent under present ownership, "former owner was diligent, but, did not comply with safety requirements." "Reservoir - about 400 acre-feet" per 18965; [to p. 2] Changes in POU "Acreage will be considerably reduced - probably will not exceed 85 to 100 acres when complete." "All acreage will lie within original" POU except for maybe "15 acres which may be served south of reservoir." "reservoir is in a gorge, necessitating a rather high lift for application, much of the soil is of poor quality--development of the additional acreage will have to proceed on an experimental basis, to determine which acreage can profitably be served and which would be better (more profitably) used as dry pasture." "about 27 acres of mixed clover pasture is served by sprinkling. Some additional acreage will be sprinkled and some will be flood irrigated late in fall to give early winter feed (before heavy rains begin)--this method will be used in particular on soil that is not of sufficiently high fertility to warrant full development." "about 27 acres of mixed clover pasture and water for about 900 head of cattle." "reservoir completely fills with first good rain" Other rights: "Riparian to this stream & also Stony Creek (a portion of the land) Also has A-18965 for an additional 200 AF storage in this reservoir (same source) and A-16144 for 2000 AF storage from Salt Creek." [to p. 3] costs: $12,381.22 to bring up to State safety requirements, $24,000 on construction of dam and rebuild pumps, sprinkler lines, etc., before that; irrig began 1958; clearing other pastures continuing; obstacles: "not be profitable to serve some (about half) of the proposed place of use - poor soil quality and lift too great from reservoir." test for which areas will be profitable; finances not a problem; [to p. 4] "...No area-capacity curve was filed with this application and Dam Supervision Section of Department of Water Resources does not have an area-capacity curve. Applicaton states that the capacity of the reservoir is 200 AF, but Mr. Johnson, the ranch manager stated that it was about 400 AF, with which approximation Dam Supervision seems to agree. There is no slope gage on the dam and Mr. Johnson paid no particular attention as to how far reservoir was drawn down except that the suction line on the pump is 40' long (presumably at a 3:1 slope) and reservoir was drawn down so that a whirlpool was forming over the suction at the end of the season, which would suggest that it was drawn down possibly 9' during the season. [para] Mr. Johnson estimates that 4 acre-feet per acre was applied to about 27 acres of mixed clover pasture or a use of (27 x 4) 108 acre-feet. Information as to actual pump operation agrees fairly well with this estimate: [para] Pump was in normal operation at time of inspection so pressures of discharge on the sprinkler system could be measured, and were found to vary from 32 to 37 psi--with 62 No. 860 Buckner Rainer sprinklers operating, each with a 5/32" nozzle. According to the Rainbird charts, the nozzles were delivering about 4 gpm each or a total of 248 gpm = 0.55 cfs. It requires about 7-1/2 - 23 hour days to serve the acreage and an attempt was made to serve it every 10 days from about May 15 to about October 1, a period of about 138 days: 7.5 x 23/24 x 3 = 21.6/30 = 72% of time in operation 0.72 x .55 = 0.4 cfs; 0.4 x 138 x 1.98347 = 110 AF used (approximately); In addition, some water was lost to evaporation and some to seepage plus some water that was released into the creek during winter months before heavy rains began for watering of about 900 head of cattle. [para] REMARKS [para] Permittees are requesting a full three year extension of time and although the filing has been under extension for five years in addition to the three years granted at the time of issuanmce of permit, it appears that the full time presently being requested is warranted, chiefly because of the conditions which existed at the time present owners acquired this property and filing in June 1958. [para] It appears that the original applicant, Mr. Wright, filed the application in the amount of 200 AF p/a and stated that the reservoir capacity was 200 AF simply to avoid engineering requirements that would have been imposed had he admitted that the capacity was far in excess of that figure, as now appears to be the case. Further, the dam was not constructed under State Supervision and as constructed did not meet State specifications as to safety. In addition, Mr. Wright was a boating enthusiast and the reservoir was constructed chiefly for recreational purposes with any benefit that might be derived from it for irrigation purposes, being purely incidental. It is built in a gorge, requiring a high pumping lift to land that is of poor quality, at best. [para] Since present owners have acquired the property, to meet State safety requirements it has been necessary to raise the dam about 2-1/2 feet, widen the spillway by about 30' and remove a section through the dam to a depth of about 20' from its present crest level to install a 12" pipe with valve so that water might be released if it appeared necessary from a safety standpoint. The cost of these changes was in excess of $12,000, whereas the original cost of the dam is believed to have been only about $3,200. [para] The dam now meets state specifications as to safety, but considerable time will be required to determine which land can profitably be irrigated, considering only the cost of lifting the water to the various levels, and the fertility of the soil. Presently being considered is about 20 acres of fairly level land north of the reservoir and immediately adjacent thereto, an additional 40 acres of steeply sloping to rolling land, also to the north of the reservoir, but further removed and possibly 15 acres of fairly level land on the bluff to the south of the reservoir which requires a very high lift. Soil depth is being checked and experimental plantings being made to determine soil fertility."
  • Sketch of Dam; photos; Wright Dam, original crest elev 746.7, present 749.0, length 300', top width 10', downstream dam elev + or - 719'; downstream 2-1/2 : 1 slope; upstream 3 : 1 slope; 12" pipe thru dam, screw gate control upstream elev 730'; spillway elev 740.5, original width = 30', present = 45'; photos: 7-7 across reservoir from dam, pier out to ladder down to float for fishing or swimmimg?; 7-8 from bluff on south side res; 7-9 some of the land to be developed; 7-10 land to be developed, all photos 06/09/1960;

    060960 Extension Petition; 3-year, spent to date $24,000, 100% complete in '59, full use by end of '62 season; Why not completed within time allowed "Necessary to bring dam up to State specifications after acquiring property in June of 1957, also land to be served is rough and rolling and much of it required clearing of timber. Development must proceed slowly on more or less experimental basis as only portions will prove to be worth developing because of soil quality and elevations above water level in reservoir. It is believed that by the end of the 1962 season, the development will have been completed or at least definite plans as to development will be complete." [drafted by Mr. Kuchta?]
    061060 Receipt $5 extension fee
    100660 Order Granting Extension of Time within which to Complete Construction and Use, to 12/01/1962
    090160 Approval for Signature, Extension order - Class [blank]; to 12/01/1962
    100660 letter Hill/Executive Officer to Jamieson; order extending to 12/01/1962 granted
    100760 return receipt card


    112961 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1961; completed? "probably yes"; more construction? "Possibly will make use of portable permanent pump (now on hand) to lower reservoir below present permanent pump suction." max use? "Not known - but Reservoir drawn about 10'"; 27 ac. mixed clover pasture, max 944 head cattle, fishing & boating; expect to fill? "could completely fill any winter in 24 hours" how much used? "about 10' drawdown"; use in any season? "+ or - 100 acre feet"


    092392 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1962; use as great? "No. We pump to suction limit with present pump but may be able to irrigate additional acreage with pump at a different site." source goes dry? " record kept, but soon after rain stops." draw down? "12 feet" irrigate? 27.5 acres, "Irrigated pasture - clovers & grasses"; Stock watering, number of animals "2358" [! animals? ]; boating, fishing, swimming, and duck hunting; domestic "1/3 acre lawn - no house use"
    093062 Notice of Expiration (questionnaire?); [is this a request for extension, or not?]; % complete, "Completed"; year in which full use will be made? "3 years" [hence?]; reasons why not yet? "Full use of water for irrigation requires an additional installation of power and pump and the outlay of necessary funds"
    092462 Receipt $5.00 permit extension fee


    070163 notice of inspection by F.M. Kuchta on 07/12/1963
    071263 Request for License; [Form 76D] "(200) acre-feet per annum to be collected from about November 1 to about December 31 of each year." "stockwatering and recreational uses" [no domestic?] & irrigation of 8 acres within NW 1/4 NE 1/4 S9 T20N R6W MDB & M, and 19 acres within NE 1/4 NE 1/4 S9 T20N R6W MDB & M, 27 acres total; "This constitutes a petition to correct the description of point of diversion and place of use."
    071263 Report of Inspection; on 07/12/1963 , F.M. Kuchta w/Mr. Alex Johnson permittees' "agent & manager of the ranch"; Diversion: POD as in permit? "Perhaps - but use 'tie' from 18965" [meaning?]; If not, when will petition be submitted? "76C constitutes petition to correct" [Form 76D?]; If diversion point has been moved...? "Has not been moved -- not a regular shaped section -- new tie may be more accurate." diversion system complete? "Yes...Complete to extent necessary to establish full use under this filing -- pump may be moved to allow another 125 af to be removed from reservoir (under A-18965.)"; diligence? "Yes"; limiting capacity? "Wright Reservoir -- 400 AF"; how determined? "Survey by August J. Hoever RE #2042 Survey of reservoir & map drawn with 5' contour intervals -- see area-capacity curve Page 4 of this report." [to p. 2] change from POU in permit...? "Considerable reduction in acreage -- from 220 acres down to 27 acres. Actually area irrigated is within originally proposed area but was only vaguely described in application....76C [D?] constitutes petition to correct description" POU developed to full use? "yes--to extent this permit...An additional 15 acres of land may be planted to pasture and sprinkled after pump has been moved to allow use of an additional 125 or more AF from reservoir." Major use "Irrigation: About 27 acres of land is served by sprinkling -- diversion direct from reservoir. Stockwatering: Cattle drink from pond and/or from troughs in the corrals -- 2" pressure system keeps troughs in corral full. Recreational: Canoing [sic], boating and swimming." Wasteful? "No...Collected during season of surplus flow, for irrigation use the method of sprinkling is used during which is conservative -- stockwatering and recreational are more or less normal." Max? "27 acres of mixed clover pasture -- 900 to 3500 head of cattle watered and recreational use as noted." Max diverted, etc.: about 225 AF, plus 175 held over in dead storage, for "Stockwater & more will be used under A-18965 later." Other rights "Application 18965, Permit 12374 covers remaining 200 AF in reservoir not covered under this filing. Riaprian [sic] to stream. Also have other filings on smaller stock ponds in the vicinity." [to p. 3] per Mr. Johnson "Reservoir is full by time 3" of rain falls in fall - always by end of December." "Survey & Area-Capacity curve by R.E. August Hoever in 1959." formulas "From R E Map" "No direct diversion. From description of winter flows by Mr. Jonson -- maximum flow probably 400 cfs or more -- has filled reservoir in 24 hour period." [to p. 4] recitation of Mr. Wright's actions as described in previous inspection report; plus "in one year the reservoir was drawn down about 325 AF--of which about the normal amount (as shown on area-capacity curve below) was withdrawn for irrigation but it was a very dry fall and early winter and it became necessary to release water into the creek for stockwatering use at a feed lot beside Stony Crek. This was done only one year and the feed lot has now been abandoned so such use is not likely to occur again in the future. [para] Mr. Johnson presently, tentatively, plans to move the irrigation pump from its present location and attach the suction to the lower end of 12" release pipe which passes through the dam at an elevation (top) of almost 727'. If this is done, it will allow about 100 AF additional water to be removed from the reservoir for irrigation which in turn will constitute a withdrawal of near 125 AF under companion filing A-18965"
  • General Sketch of the Project [p. 5]; "Reservoir and irrigated acreage traced from aerial photograph and approximate location of Section lines added from map filed in connection with Dam Filing #371; Wright Dam - #371 is about 300' long (to spillway) is 44' high has 8-1/2' of freeboard and a spill way that is 45' wide at its entrance. Contour map of the reservoir was filed in support of A-18965 and may be found in that file if needed." Map; "an addtional 15 Ac of land may be planted & served in this area [peninsula between left thumb & finger upstream]," to 27 acres, + or - 1/2 mi 8" alum. pipe, thence along north side of parcel to two cross pipes in the lower 19 Ac, mixed clover pasture; [decent drawing]
  • photo, upstream from dam, showing pier, outlet-pipe control, ladder [?] down to floating platform

    122763 letter Hill/Executive Officer to Jamieson; under permit 8532 [Ap 14115] max use was within the extension period so no further processing of the extension is necessary, but "unable to return a filing fee once it and the extension request are accepted." [any reason?] BUT, on the other one, 18965, it appears more construction is needed and thus an extension is needed so please petition for it and send another $5. [kinda chicken?]


    021164 Check for Change; [checklist] "Correction of description of" POD/POU "brought about by plotting from aerial photos & map filed with later filing A-18965." "Checked plat map & wall map and there appears to be no conflict with any other application."
    032364 Order Allowing Correction of Description of Point of Diversion and Correction of Description of Place of Use; correction, no "injury to any other legal user of water,"
    022864 Approval Sheet, Change Order or Correction Order; "Order allowing correction of description of point of diversion and place of use."
    032364 letter Hill/Executive Officer to Jamieson; enclosed is copy of order allowing correction of POD & POU
    032464 return receipt card

    122950 Application to Appropriate Unappropriated Water; permit copy / work copy;
    021455 Order Granting Extension of Time within Which to Complete Construction and Use
    032364 Order Allowing Correction of Description of Point of Diversion and Correction of Description of Place of Use [glued to ]
  • 061060 Order Granting Extension of Time within Which to Complete Construction and Use [glued to ]
  • 012158 Order Granting Extension of Time within Which to Complete Construction and Use

    040264 Check for License; checklist


    020865 Approval for Signature, Water Right License [out of order after license & undated map; form dated 04/22/1964 but signed 02/08/1965 ? ]
    031065 License for Diversion and Use of Water;
    UNDATED hand drawn map on small section [S9] sheet showing Stony, unnamed Stream, dam, reservoir; is 19 acres on both sides of Stony? [another copy of the one loose in back of file]
    031065 letter Hill/SWRB to Recorder/Glenn County; enclosed license to be recorded i/a/w Water Code 1650;
    031065 letter Hill/Executive Officer to Jamieson; copy of license enclosed, this completes the procedure
    031265 return receipt card
    031065 License for Diversion and Use of Water; recorded copy


    042567 letter Jamieson/H.W. Jamieson Enterprises to SWRB; 14115, 18965, 20615 assigned to Sandy Lake Company, a Limited Partnership; #20614 to Elk Creek Association, a Limited Partnership; both c/o Winitsky & Sellers, Beverly Hills
    042667 Report of Inspection; F.M. Kuchta unaccompanied, interviewed Mr. Huff, Ranch Manager and Mr. Winitsky by phone; irrigation abandoned, 27 acres "not been irrigated for about four years. The sprinkler pump has been removed." [to p. 2] "reservoir was originally constructed by Mr. Wright for sail boating." "maximum 2000 head of cattle have access to this reservoir" "Mr. Huff stated that the reservoir is only drawn down '5 or 6' feet since irrigation has been abandoned. This would result from stock use, evaporation and seepage and would roughly indicate a 'drawdown' of about 150 acre-feet." "This 10,000 acre ranch has been divided. About 6000 acres (northerly) by Sandy Lake Development Company and about 400 acres near Stony Gorge Reservoir by Elk Creek Associates--both handled by Mr. Winitsky
  • 042667 photos; Wright Reservoir Westerly across reservoir, and northerly to dam; quite a bit of vegetation filling in
    050367 letter Hill/Executive Officer to Winitsky & Sellers; acknowledge change of ownership


    100169 Report of Licensee for 1967, 1968, 1969; used entire year, spilled each year; max storage "8 ft" below spillway [sic]; end of season drawdown 20' below spillway; no irrigation 350 head of "Commercial"; 1/4 acre garden; fishing; 1 h-p power motor; "supply water to stock corrals, we water yards"


    120575 Report of Licensee for 1973, 1974, 1975; used entire year, spilled first two, not yet on 1975; 3' below spillway first 2; 25' drawdown each season [wow! if not irrigating, used for what?]; 125 head of beef; small plat of garden; fishing;


    0227?? Contact Report Rinehart/Div WRights; "Mr. A.H. Huff stated that property has been divided and Mrs. Phyllis Bostrick [sic] is a co-owner. A letter will be sent."
    031776 Contact Report Rinehart/Div WRights & Winitsky/Sandy Lake; "confirmed that A20614 and A20615...are owned by Phillis Bostick, and that Mrs. Bostick also owns a portion of the land adjacent and inundated by Wright Reservoir which is covered by A14115 and A18965...[para] Assignment will be made accordingly. [para] Mr. Winitsky stated that he has authorization as General partner, to act as agenct in bahalf of Sandy Lake Co., Partnership"
    032476 letter Page/Supervising Engineer to Phillis Bostick: acknowledges change in ownership & receipt of Huff water use reports
    032576 letter Bostick to Carroll/Div WRights; per phone conversation today, know nothing of the Huff reports & is not co-owner with Sandy Lake of anything; boundary with Sandy Lake crosses "an artificial lake at one point"; "You agreed to write sending full information and a map which would show how the water mentioned is situated and which ponds the licenses cover." cc Geiss, MacFarland and Meckfessel, Willows
    040276 letter Page/Supervising Engineer to Bostick; enclosed are copies of topos showing reservoir locations, & copies of licenses which cover water use in these reservoirs;
    041476 letter Bostick to Carroll/Div WRights; received, will come to Sacramento to discuss in person
    042976 letter Page/Supervising Engineer to Bostick; thanks for 04/20/1976 visit; apparently does own with Sandy Lake Lic. 8551 [Ap 20615], 8688 [18965], 7202 [14115] but nothing with Elk Creek Associates on 8550 [20614];


    121878 Contact Report Smith/Div WRights and Bostick; "Mrs. Bostick called with some questions re: License Reports for above filings. I helped her as best I could and she asked that we send her copies of these 3 licenses [Aps 14115, 20615, 18965]. She said that co-owner Elk Creek Assoc (Lice 744) has sold the property but she is not sure to whom. She is in contact with some of partners of Elk Creek Assoc and will encourage them to inform us of the changes. [para] Mrs. Bostick also has a new address: Phyllis Bostick (formerly Mrs. Jamieson),...
  • 020779 For Sandy Lake, Partnership Project Operations, call Tex Huff, Ranch Manager, 916-968-5331


    010979 Report of Licensee for 1976, 1977, 1978; for each year used all months except June - Oct; not emptied any year; no irrigation; 400 head Herefords "on total acreage served [garbled]"; hunting, fishing
    032979 Report of Licensee for 1976, 1977, 1978; for each year used all months except July - Oct; no spill 1976 & 7, yes spill 1978; 4 feet below spillway at max [?]; not emptied any year; 25 feet down end of season; 100+ head of beef cattle each year; 1976 small garden & lawns, 77 & 78 "small + lawns"; fishing; [2 different reports for the same years?]


    042758 [sic] 042983 F Report of Licensee for 1980, 1981, 1982; no spill 1980; yes spill 1981 & 1982; 1980 3' feet down from spillway max; end of season 1980 14, 1981 12, & 1982 8 feet down at end of season; irrigated 3 acres each year, garden; 300 head cattle & horses 1980; 300 to 500 cattle & horses 1981 & 1982; domestic 3 persons, 3 acres approx; swim boat fish; conservation: livestock only; erosion control methods: "poison squirrels"; after use: "livestock watering - gardens yards for 2 houses [horses?]"; "these animals are moved about often"


    102786 contact report Espinoza with Mr. Bernard Doorman; "representative for the Sandy Lake Company. He is the person who completes the Report of Licensee forms. The Report forms for the above applications will be sent to Mr. Doorman, who will complete them and send them back. he also asked that a copy of the 1980, 1981, 1982 reports for the above applications be sent to him...Corona Del Mar"
    110186 Report of Licensee for 1983, 1984, 1985; use every month except June-Aug; spilled each year; 8' down at end of each season; irrigated 3 acres garden; 300-500 cattle - horses; domestic 3 acres; swim-fish-boat; conservation: "livestock only"; minimize erosion: "poison squirrels"; after use: "livestock watering - garden and yards - 2 horses"


    122088 letter Marvin M. Gevurtz/atty to SWRCB; Sandy Lake property transferred to Fritz Mast & Alma Mast 08/30/1988, forwarding;


  • 041189 handwritten note thereon, "called Mr. Gevurtz in reference to interest of Phyllis Bostick who is a co-owner of the water rights with Sandy Lake Company. I also needed information on ownership of A-20615. Mr. Gevurtz referred me to Alex Winitsky...."
    041789 contact report, O'Hagan/Div WRights and Alex Winitsky Ofc; "I contacted Mr. Winitsky to confirm that Friz & Alma Mast should be shown as sole owner of the above water rights. (Needed to confirm that the Mast [sic] also purchased the interest of Phyllis Bostick, co-owner with Sandy Lake Company.) Mr. Gevurtz letter" 12/20/1988 "also failed to mention if Mast should be shown as owner of A-20615 (owner on record Phyllis Bostick, Sandy Lake Company and Elk Creek Associates.[ no close paren] Mr. Winitsky confirmed that Mr. & Mrs. Mast are owners of these rights. He stated that Mrs. Bostick and Elk Creek Associates sold all interest in the property held in conjunction with Sandy Lake. [para] Fritz Mast. Mr Mast called me to discuss water rights. He informed me that he also acquired the property owned by Elk Creek Associates."
    041989 letter O'Hagan/Permit and License Unit to Mast; changing to your name 14415, 18965, 20614 & 15; copies of licenses & topo maps enclosed
    051189 contact report John O'Hagan by Fritz Mast; "Mr. Mast called in regards to my ownership assignment letter dated" 04/19/1989. "He stated that he check [sic] his property lines and locations of the reservoir [sic] covered under the above licenses and determined the following:
  • A-14115 & A18965 - This large reservoir is located on Mr. Mast's property. A portion of the upper end of the reservoir is located on Mr. Doug Campbell's property. Mr. Mast stated that he contests any interest in the water right that Mr. Campbell claims and will be resolving the matter with Mr. Campbell. I informed Mr. Mast that our records would remain as assigned in my letter dated" 04/29/1989 [pencil changed to 04/19/1989] "until contest in ownership is resolved (per Section 832 CCR);
  • A-20614 - All reservoirs are located on property owned by Mr. Mast
  • A-20615 - Mr. Mast informed me that Reservoir [sic] #1, #3, #6 and #15 are not on his property. He believed that Reservoir #1, #3, & #6 are on Mr. Campbell's property. [para] I informed Mr. Mast that we would split license #8551 (A-20615) when correct ownership at Res. #1, #3, #6, & #15 are determined." Action: "Real Estate check for Ownership & split licenses" [see Real Estate chedk papers in back of file]


    010490 mini memo O'Hagan to Mast; "Enclosed is a copy of License 7202 and a map showing the 27 acre Place of Use (irrigation). Also enclosed is a complaint form which you requested. Important items to remember:
    - (1) Upstream neighbor ( if his property adjoins reservoir water surfrace) may be considered co-owner of water right.
    - (2) The 27 acre P.O.U. described on the license is the only authorized area to be irrigated using waters withdrawn from storage. A Petition to Change the Place of Use filed before our Board is required to irrigate any other acreage (can be filed by any owner of the water right)
    - (3) If the Place of Use has not been irrigated under this license for 5 consecutive years, irrigation use can be deleted from the license.
    - (4) Disputes over private agreements are generally not within Board Jurisdiction


    011992 Report of Licensee for 1989, 1990, 1991; used every month; spilled 1989 & 1991, not 1990; 1990 3 feet below spillway; end of season down 1989 6' , 1990 7', 1991 6' "w/evaporation"?; no irrigation; 80-100 head of cattle 1989-90; 60-80 cattle & horses 1991; no gardening; fishing; minimize erosion: "squirrel control";


    041295 Report of Licensee for 1992, 1993, 1994; used every month, garbled?; spilled every year; stock 500 pair; 3 persons; 5 [acres?] garden; fishing;


    042297 Report of Licensee for 1994, 1995, 1996; used every month except June-Oct, or Jul-Oct 1996; no spill 1994, spilled other 2, down end of season 7 feet 1994, 6' other two; 500 pair 1994 & 5, 800 heifrs [?] 1996; 3 people, 5 acres garden; "Note: Sandy Lake, Approx. 25% of this pond are not in our Ranch but should be recorded in Mr. Harland's Title."
    051297 letter Okada/Div WRights to Mast; on your report forms you request revocation of Lic 8550 Ap 20614; Lic 7202 changed to show undivided with Mast & Harlan; for Lic #8551 Ap 20615, enclosed is a form to split off Reservoirs #1, 3, 6 & 15 (36 a-f total) to Mr. Harlan, also sending to Mr. Harlan to review, if both agree, will change, no fee; discrepancy on #5? map enclosed, if on Mr. Harlan's please note on the split request;


    040100 Report of Licensee for 1997, 1998, 1999; used every month; spilled every year; end of year 5' down; 20-50 head at times only each year; 1/4 acre garden;


    010804 bill, $100


    040100 Report of Licensee for 2003, 2004, 2005; used every month; amounts of diversions, "unknown, water level may go down 15 to 20% by Nov."; spilled every year; stock: "cows & calfs, horses & sprinkle Corrals & Garden; other: ducks geese & deer"; conservation: "The small % of use does not need conservation."; "Please check the permit and let me know if my neighbour [sic, British sp.] to west pays anything. The ranch to the west used to be part of my ranch and sold of [sic] after the Licens [sic] were issued. I belive [sic] that I should not be charged fees since I'm the 1st rancher signed on with the wildlife conservation programs."


    051009 Report of Licensee for 2006, 2007, 2008; used every month; livestock use Dec - May 31st; spilled every year; livestock: "cows, calves, horses/sprinkels [sic] corrals & garden; other: ducks & geese; conservation: Small % of use not needed to conserve"; signed for "The Mast Family Ltd Partnership"

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