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VOL. 1 OF 1 RECORD OF FOLDER [" f " - date filed ]

Inside File Cover:

Applicant: U.S. Mendocino National Forest
Address: Robert E. Dasmann, Forest Supervisor, Mendocino National Forest, Box 431, Willows, California
Retention: Permanent until cancelled or revoked, Schedule 10, Item 5

Form No. 01
Application 17872 see Index, see also 20967 [file gone?]

Applicant: U.S. - Mendocino National Forest
Received: 11/5/57
Maps Filed: 11/5/57E - 11/25/57E
Forms Sent: 11/14/57-7 - 1/28/58-8,8a,9a
Fee: $10.00

Remarks: 11/25/57 Amended Application Received 3/13/58
6-17-58 Permit 11428 issued; 2-26-62 Ext to 12-1-64 to complete constr. & use; 6/30/65 Rept. of Insp. by M.K. Lininger; 4-6-66 License 7706 issued;

Form No. 0-2 in back of file
Progress Data
Application: 17872
Use: Domestic, [Irrigation crossed out] Fish culture, recreation
Source: Upper Letts Creek & 2 unnamed springs
Amount 0.38 cfs & 319 afa
Pt. of Diversion [garbled], (1) or (2) SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec 24 T17N R8W, MBD & M
Right of Access: Yes
[Checked off] Twp Plats, Tracings
Cooperation U.S. Govt. - located in: Mendocino
[Checked off] (Not In) FPSWA [?]
Form 7 Sent: Nov 12 57; Received Nov. 25, 1957
Reference Map - USGS Vol II, 38 Stonyford
Remarks: cleared by hearing section Mar 31 '58 KLW
Spotted on Wall Map: Nov 8 '57 JTA, In form: Dec 3 '5? JTA
Sent Notices to: Cert. Regional Director - U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
O-2 P.O. Box 2511 - Sacramento, Calif.
Cert Pacific Gas & Electric Co., 245 Market St.
O-2 San Francisco 6, California, Attn: John F. Bonner, Engineering Dept.

092657 Envelope, "Superseded"; Map, J.N. Ewing, Sept. 26 1957, "To Accompany Application to Appropriate Water" "E. Water Rights, Upper Letts Valley, Recreation Area, Unit: Mendocino Nat'l Forrest, Scale 8 inches=1 mile, T17N R8W Sec 24 & 25, Mag. Dec. 19 [degrees]; Section line runs across southern tip of reservoir; "Organization camp area" NW of & below dam; picnic area along NE of reservoir, Campground area E of Res; Concession SE of Res, campground area S of Res; picnic area S/W along res; spring development #1 & #2 both west of res: #1 1412 feet N 65 degrees W of 1/4 Sec. 24 & 25 [NE corner (NW 1/4 of) NW 1/4 25, SE corner SW 1/4 (of S/W 1/4) 24 ?], #2 1025 feet N 82 degrees W; #1 piped to W. Picnic Area; #2 piped to concession & 100,000 gal. reservoir in E. Campground, thence through NE picnic area to Organziation Camp area
121365 map, SWRB application 17872, Permit 11428, License 7706, Drawn by JRH Application U.S. Mendocino National Forest, Within SW 1/4 SW 1/4 of Section 24 T27N R 8W MDB & M, County of Colusa, "Sketch of project showing place of use at time of inspection." Letts Valley Reservoir dam 1920 feet N 49 degrees W. 1/4 1/4 Sections 24 & 25
092657 map J.N. Ewing "To Accompany Application to Appropriate Water", "E. Water Rights, Upper Letts Valley Recreation Area, Mendocino National Forest, 8 inches = 1 mile, T17N R8W Sec 24 & 25 Mag. Dec. 19 degrees; seems identical to "superseded version"
100257 letter Dasmann/Forest Service to Jopson/SWRB application attached; "water from the two springs we hope to use for domestic use flows into the area we propose to make a lake." [hydraulic continuity with Letts Creek] [para] "We are of the opinion that the transportation [see 10/28/1957 below] from the existing wet meadow in the Upper Letts Valley that we propose to flood is at least as great as the evaporation rate will be from the lake formed. Also, existing dams for the retention of flood waters in the Stony Creek Drainage below our proposed dam site do not have sufficient area to retain and store the annual normal run-off from the stream. We are therefore of the opinion that the flood water we are hereby making application to store and the water to retain the lake level through the dry season is now unused water."
100857 note L.W. Carter to Files; "Mr. Ewing and Mr. Dasman brought apps. to appropriate from Letts Creek to the office on 10-8-57...." took signed voucher with them, tracing & print in unnumbered map drawer Room 303
102457 letter Ewing/Forest Service to Jopson/SWRB encl one tracing & one print project area map
102557 letter Spencer to Supervisor/Mendocino Forest, received maps
102857 letter Dasmann/Forest Service to Jopson/SWRB in 10/02/1957, the word should be "transpiration instead of transportation"
110557 voucher, Letts application $10, "Check received $10.00" written on bottom
110557 Ap. "Upper Letts Creek & two unnamed springs" "tributar to South Fork [Big] Stony Creek", 0.38 cfs, 04/01/ - 10/30, store 319 a-f between 11/01 - 04 01; 0.05 for domestic, 0.33 for recreation; dam 16 feet high, 192 feet long, freeboard of 4 feet, of earth fill, name "Upper Letts Valley"; surface 33.2 acres, 319 a-f; "estimated capacity of the diversion conduit or pumping plant proposed is 50 gal. per minute'"; cost $22,000; begin 09/58 finish by 09/63, watered by 09/65; claimants below: "numerous", OUWUA largest, GCID also
090657 receipt for filing fee in full, $10
110757 form letter SWRB to Forest Supervisor, Ap. recieved 11/05/1957 given number 17875
111257 Memorandum of Application to Appropriate Water, Forest Service has applied
111357 letter Spencer/SWRB to Forest Supervisor 17872 needs amendments: left out bearing & dimensions of damsite, please fix & return
112157 Memorandum of Application to Appropriate Water, mentioning downstream users
112257 letter Ewing/Forest Service to Jopson/SWRB returning ap, bearing & dimensions of damsite added
112957 letter Spencer/SWRB to Forest Supervisor received amendments
123057 letter Hill/SWRB to Bellport/Reclamation added you to mailing list on 17872 (& 70, 73, 79, 80, 89, 90, 91, 98)


010758 letter Hill/SWRB to PG & E added to mailing list 6 aps
012858 notice Jopson/SWRB to Forest Service: publish notice in Maxwell Tribune for 3 consecutive weeks by 02/13/1958, furnish proof by 03/29/1958;
012858 Notice of Application to Appropriate Water; mailing list of 9 users on back, GCID protest?
012858 letter Jopson/SWRB to Postmaster/Stonyford, please post notice
012958 7 return receipt cards, Reclamation, Board of Supervisors, District Attorney, GCID, Forest Service , etc.
031258 letter Dasmann/Forest Service to Jopson/SWRB publisher's affidavit with notice attached
  • 030358 Affidavit by publisher of Maxwell Tribune
    - 012858 Printed Notice of Application to Appropriate Water
    032858 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Forest Service, received affidavit
    041458 letter [?] Brown/Dam Engineer to Jopson/SWRB, 04/09/1958 Harry Anderson, CDFG filed ap for approval of plans & specs for construction of the earthfill dam 16 feet high, 319 a-f, $15,275 cost for recreation purposes
  • note thereon, Homer called Anderson, CDFG is building the dam, Anderson sending a memo "stating their interest"
    041458 letter Anderson/CDFG to SWRB, we're building it
    [ 110557 work copy of amended Ap? changes: "from any or all sources", "fish culture", Spring #1 changed to #2, #2 changed to #1, Reservoir #3, lists conduit termination coordinates; pumping from spring #2, spring box at #1, pipelines 3" 1800 feet, 2" 3300 feet steel, "swimming, fish culture, 25 acres of campground, 600 people, 600 @ 15 gal/day = 9000 gpd = .014 , evaporation from reservoir 5.0 feet/year, recreation = .33 cfs; all this in pencil]
    042458 "Check for Permit" Remarks: "Called Morrison of Dam Section, No need for dam clause"; Permit #11428
    051958 L.C. Spencer Approval for Signature, Water Right Permit, adds "fire protection"
    061758 L.W. Carter, Permit Terms; "thirty-eight hundredths (0.38) cubic feet per second by direct diversion to be diverted from about April 1 to about October 30 of each year, all as more explicitly set forth in Paragraph 2(a) of this approved application and, three-hundred nineteen (319) acre-feet per annum by storage to be collected from about November 1 of each year to about April 1 of the succeeding year." Start by 09/01/1958 finish by 12/01/1960 fill by 12/1961 Domestic fee $5.00 [minimum fee]
    061758 letter Hill/SWRB to Forest Supervisor, Ap approved, $5 please.
    062758 letter Hill/SWRB to Forest Supervisor, your voucher, signed, enclosed
    UNDATED $5 check stub?
    080458 letter Hill/SWRB to Forest Supervisor, granted permit, lists permit details
    080458 letter Hill/SWRB to Forest Supervisor, endorsed on the back of your application is the permit, annual progress reports required; after completion & inspection, license will issue
    080458 receipt, Forest Service, $5
    080558 mailing return receipt, Forest Service
    101058 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1958, spent $16,000 on dam & spillway in Letts Creek, remains to develop domestic water for public campgrounds, Dam & Spillway to be completed within one month, storage to begin 1959 season


    101259 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1959, spent $25,000 past 12 months; reservoir partly filled, spring #2 developed & 20% of campground pipelines; developing spring #2 & lay additional pipelines to campgrounds


    102560 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1960, spent $5,000 past 12 months; further development of tank storage & pipelines to public campgrounds; remains to add final tank storage & pipelines in to public campgrounds; dam filled; "use" evaporation loss only


    110861 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Forest Service, enclosed signed voucher for extension of time to complete, await payment
  • 103161 note, SWRB voucer #179
    110861 Notice of expiration, will expire shortly; filled out: Used as much water? No; Used as long as a season? Yes; should permit be revoked? No; spent to date? $25,000; % completion? 95%; estimated date to complete? 1965; full use of water? 1975; reason why not completed within time allowed? further campgrounds are planned; Send $5.
    111461 letter Dasmann/Forest Service to Hill/SWRB $5 check in the mail
    111661 letter Dasmann/Forest Service to SWRB progress report enclosed
    111661 letter Dasmann/Forest Service to SWRB application [extension?] enclosed, check is in the mail
    111061 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1961, spent $600 last 12 months, for 500 gal. storage tank & overflow for camp ground distribution system; future: more campground distribution systems; using 100 gpm; in 1961 used April-Nov. recreation, year-round fish culture
    120761 received $5
    121461 Approval for Signature, Extension order - Class 1, Approved


    022662 Order granting extension of time within which to complete construction and use, to 12/01/1964
    022662 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Forest Service, extension granted to 12/01/1964
    022762 mailing return receipt
    100962 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1962, past 12 months $15,000 installing a concrete spillway; remaining distribution water lines to campgrounds; use 3000 man days boating fishing swimming
    102962 letter Dasmann/Forest Service to SWRB attached progress report, Wm. Anderson signed?


    110763 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1963, spent past 12 months: none; remaining distribution lines to additional camp and picnic areas; "Season has been as great. Use is expected to increase"; drawn down at end of season: "3 feet (Lowering of Lily Pond below springs); use: 1000 campers; recreation: fill pond for fish production;


    110764 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1964, spent past 12 months: zero; 1,000 campers etc.


    062165 M.K.Lininger to inspect 06/30/1965, at Stonyford 10 a.m.
    070165 Report of Inspection; M. Lininger, w/Ranger John Peterson & Joe Ely (Resource Officer), interviewed Fire Control Officer Edmund Grosch; Recommendation: Looks OK.; spring 130 gpm, creek goes dry, spring minimum Aug & Sept, Creek July - Sept; measured 148 gpm, Creek was dry; Spring #1 dropped [#2 the one 1,025 feet from section corner lines, see "Request for License" for that 1,025' number ] Spring measured w/stop watch & bucket; reservoir soundings height, width, length & freeboard; some disagreement of which quarter quarters were included; trout planted most every spring; "The water from the spring is capped off and part of it is piped to the camp grounds (see sketch) for domestic use. The overflow from the spring is transported via a earth ditch to the reservoir where it is use to help compensate for evaporation from the reservoir and to aid trout growth." [all sic]; 400 campers for 7 days, 1000 campers weekends; 2000 gpd for campers; possible riparian rights; "Inches of evaporation per month via telephone call from Harry Bowman of our office." Domestic 400 campers (07/01 - 10) * 5 gpd=2000 gpd, 0.003 cfs; evap losses 0.67' (8" per month) * 33 acres / 31 days (July) = 0.71 a-f/ day = 0.36 cfs, total = 0.36 + 0.003 = 0.363 cfs, but spring flow only 148 gpm or 0.33 cfs so only license that amount. Spring used is southern-most, other not developed. "spring is capped with a 18" culvert - from the culvert comes a 4" overflow (screened end) and a 3" delivery pipe to storage tank (gravity flow); spring & piping diagram: "overflow spilling Aug [garbled] 131 gpm" 920 feet to "570 gallon wooden tank - 22' lower than spring", 200' "1-1/4" plastic tank overflow line spilling 17 gpm to-day." to reservoir from tank; 4 hydrants, 8 faucets; "Mr. Joe Ely from the Willows office accompanied Ranger Peterson on this investigation because he was not sure what could be done in view of the pending Supreme Court decision. [?] The writer informed Mr. Ely that as long as they presently had no monies for further extensions of time the only recourse the Board has is to license the project for the uses that have been developed so far or revoke the application. [para] Mr. Ely felt that this project was almost complete anyway except for some additional camp areas near the reservoir and he was not sure just what year this might be completed. Therefore, he seemed very willing to accept license for the uses thus far established. [para] The spillway was moved from its original location in 1962 because it was not located in a natural water channel and was causing tremendous errosion [sic] problems therefore was moved to its present location. Mr. Ely stated that it was put in to the same elevation as the original spillway was. [para] The camp ground areas are only served with outside faucets. There are toilets available but they are not of the water type. The present camp areas are set up for 250 campers but many others camp ouside these areas and still use the domestic water supply. [para] There is some kind of a floating plant growing on the reservoir. It is about 1/2 foot thick. During the winter months it sinks according to the Ranger. Presently they are trying to see what causes it so they can get rid of it...." 6 photos: 1. dam showing floating plant scum; 2 concrete spillway; spring #2 water spurting from a pipe; banded wooden storage tank
    070165 Request for License

    [order in file?]

    022662 Order Granting Extension of time within which to Complete Construction and Use, with big gold seal
    061759 Application to Appropriate Unappropriated Water, Upper Letts Creek & 2 unnamed springs, Permit with big gold seal on back page

    121365 Check for License; checklist; remarks: direct diversion to offset evaporation is a "recreational use"; actual amount available is greater earlier in season but evap is less; also, D.D. not too much interest to permittee who claims paramount rights." [?]


    031466 Approval for Signature, Water Right License
    040666 License for Diversion and Use of Water, Upper Letts Creek to South Fork [Big] Stony Creek
    040666 letter Hill/SWRB to Recorder/Colusa, copy of right enclosed for recording as per Section 1650 Water Code
    040666 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Forest Service, license issued, 3 copies enclosed
    041466 License for Diversion and Use of Water, Recorded copy


    111568 Report of Licensee for 1966,1967,1968; 1966 20.3 thousand visitor days; 1967 19.4; 1968 est 20,000;


    010772 Report of Licensee for 1969,1970,1971; reservoir spilled each year; drained 3/4 of it in fall 1971 for repairs and clean out; average draws 5 feet below spillway each season; 8-10,000 visits per year at lake; "avaliable bulk water supply for fire fighting"


    011475 Report of Licensee for 1972,1973,1974; estimate draws 3 feet below spillway each season, 8-10,000 visits per year; "available for fire control"


    050878 Report of Licensee for 1975,1976,1977; "drought caused water to drop"; "wadeing" [sic]


    050878 Report of Licensee for 1978,1979,1980; "Drained by [CDFG] for fish management objectives - control of undesirable fish species"; else average drawdown 5 feet


    122083 Contact Report Eldon Guyman/Mendocino National Forest phoned D.W. Sabiston/Div WR "Mr. Gayman phoned to discuss various options to legalize the new well being used to serve the town of Stonyford and the Forest Service installation there. Forest Service may:
    - 1. Transfer some of its Angle Decree rights to the well
    - 2. Petition the board to move div. pt. and place of use of its licensed appropriative rights to the wells. The Forest has A-17872 (license) for 0.33 cfs during the summer months & 319 af storage during winter in Letts Creek Reservoir and Campground. Also has other licenses in the watershed.
    - I told Mr. Guyman [spelled both ways] to approach George Wilson, the Watermaster, and the Federal District Court to change any decreed rights and to approach the Board for change in application rights. He will probably write us soon."


    080184 Report of Licensee for 1981,1982,1983; first mention of toilet vaults; "camp ground with fish pond"


    020287 Report of Licensee for 1984,1985,1986; "Resource Mgt of Watershed - Ongoing"


    121490 Report of Licensee for 1987,1988,1989;


    030193 Report of Licensee for 1990,1991,1992;


    071195 Report of Licensee for 1992,1993,1994;


    072798 Report of Licensee for 1995,1996,1997;


    102501 Report of Licensee for 1998,1999,2000;


    092904 Report of Licensee for 2001,2002,2003: drawn down 12 feet 2003; "wildlife enhancement, fire protection"


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