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SWRCB APPLICATION A020579 - Bear Wallow Springs to Grindstone

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VOL. 1 OF 1 RECORD OF FOLDER [" F " - date filed ]

Inside File Cover:

Application: 20579
Applicant: U.S. Mendocino National Forest
Address: Mendocino National Forest, Box 431, Willows, California 95988
Retention: Permanent until cancelled or revoked, Schedule 10, Item 5

Form No. 01
Application 20579 see Index

Applicant: U.S. - Mendocino National Forest
Received: 1/29/62
Maps Filed: 1/29/62-A:
Forms Sent: 3/22/62 - 8,8a,8b
Fee: $10.00

Remarks: 2/27/62 Amended Application Received 5/1/62
7-3-62 Permit 13619 issued; 9-14-66 Rept. of Inspection by K.M. Kuchta; mailed APR 10 '67 to Glenn C R License 8010;

Form No. 02 in back of file
Progress Data
Application: 20579
Use: Domestic and stockwatering
Source: Unnamed spring trib. unnamed stream th. Grindstone Creek th Stony Creek
Amount 0.001 cfs [.4047 a-f?]
Pt. of Diversion SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sec. 3 T21N R7W MBD & M
Right of Access: Yes
Capacity contuit 40 gpm
Maps filed 2A
Cooperation U.S. Govt. - located in: Mendocino
In Investigated Area: No
Reference Map - USGS Vol II, 22 Elk Creek
Remarks: cleared by hearing section May 14 '62 K.L.W
Spotted on Wall Map: 2-1-'62 [?] In form: Feb 28 62 C.M.H.
Sent Notices to: Cert. Regional Director - U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
O-2 P.O. Box 2511 - Sacramento, Calif.

UNDATED Envelope, "Superseded", empty
011162 note attached to Ap. "new filing voucher rec'd"; 20579, "OK to file fee in full [?] 2A maps, ?.E.C. 1-29-62; 1-29-62 10.00 ck.
012962 map loose in back of file, SWRB Application 20579, Permit 13619, Mapped by S.J. Wright (GS) Sec 3 T21N R6W MD Meridian, County Glenn, middle of SE of SE Section 3 pipe 634' south into Section 10, thence east 2904 feet to jct of Doe Pk. Road and Tractor Way In in NE NE Section 11, Grindstone 1-1/2 mile south
122066 map loose in back of file, by SWRB Application 20579, Permit 13619, License 8010 Drawn by NEW, "Bear Wallow Spring N 462' W 924' from SE cor. Sec. 3", shows flowing to Grindstone
012962 SUPERSEDED Application to Appropriate Unappropriated Water, U.S. Forest Service, Mendocino National Forest, Bear Wallow Spring, Glenn County, tributary to Grindstone Creek, .001 cfs 4/1 - 10/30 each year [.4047 a-f?] Recreation & Stockwatering, due west 2904' due north 634' from jct. of Doe Peak road and tractorway 1N, dam 2' high, 6' long, made of redwood lumber, to 1000 gallon Steel tank , 1-1/2 " plastic pipe 70' to outlet 7' fall, 1 gpm [.75 a-f?/yr], $500 start 10/31/1959 end 03/31/1960, 450 gpday [.2306 a-f] for 30 head of stock 5-1/2 months 05/15-11/01, human consumption, cooking and sanitary purposes at nearby campground, 50 gallon/day for 40 day camping season [0.0061 a-f?; no campground shown on Mendocino NF map]
UNDATED Forest Service voucher showing $10 each for Bear Wallow Spring, Doe Peak Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Manzanita Spring, all 4 trib to Grindstone
012962 Receipt $10 Ap 20579
013062 letter Hill/SWRB to Mendocino NF, ap received, given #20579
020962 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Mendocino NF enclosed map, please note point of diversion with bearing & distance
022762 letter Hill/SWRB to Dugan/Reclamation on mailing list for 20547,49,62,63,64,76,77,78,79,80,81
022362 letter Dasmann/Mendocino NF to SWRB received 02/09 letter, made the amendments
022762 Amended application received; Bear Wallow Spring changed to "(unnamed spring)", Grindstone Creek changed to "unnamed stream th" Grindstone Creek", recreation changed to domestic, conduit changed from 1 gpm to 40 gpm, etc. .001 cfs crossed out and 650 gallon written
032262 Notice of Application to Appropriate Water, 650 gpd 4/1-10/30 [.4249 a-f ?]
032262 letter Hill/SWRB to Postmaster/Paskenta, please post
032262 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Mendocino NF post notices in 2 conspicuous locations & return 3rd with affidavit
032362 6 mailing return receipt cards
043062 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Mendocino NF haven't received the notice of posting affidavit
050162 Affidavit of Posting Notice, 1) 1-1/2 mile west of Newville-Elk Creek Road on the Hull Road, 2) jct of Bear Wallow Spring Road & Doe Peak Road [ those are some obscure locations! ]
  • 032262 Notice of Application to Appropriate Water
    050462 letter Hill/SWRB to Mendocino NF received affidavit
    060662 Check for Permit; 650 gpd [.4249 a-f?]
    060662 Permit Terms, 650 gpd 04/01-10/30, allow access by SWRB & their authorized parties
    061362 Approval for Signature, Water Right Permit
    070362 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Mendocino NF ap approved, $5 fee
    070362 Original Ap with License endorsed on reverse
    UNDATED U.S. Forest Service voucher, 20579, $5
    072662 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Mendocino NF enclosed signed voucher; slip attached, $5.00 voucher 7-20-62
    081762 receipt $5.00 received
    082062 letter Hill/SWRB to Dasmann/Mendocino NF permit issued, endorsed on reverse side of Ap
    082162 mailing return receipt card
    110864 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1963, all construction completed, maintenance only last 12 months; expect greater use due to increased grazing capacity in area; 30 stock, 200 campers-hunters
    122364 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1964, May-October, 60 head, fire control water source
    012466 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1965, May-November, 70 head, fire control water source
    091966 Report of Inspection, F.M. Kuchta 09/14/1966, accompanied by Joe Ely, Acting Forest Supervisor; estimated minimum flow 5 gpm, 3 through pipe & 2 seepage, gravity; allowance of 15 gpd per animal is used, "domestic use by hunters not computed as such use occurs after livestock are taken out and is much less than use by cattle during summer." "In 1965 there were about 70 head of cattle in this grazing unit. They had access to 4 springs covered under Applications 20576, 20577, 20578 and 20579. They may all drink from one spring for a time than move to another, depending upon the feed available. Then as the season progresses the main heard will break up into smaller groups and use water from all of the springs. They are placed near Cottonwood spring at the beginning of the season (The yield of this spring drops first) and at the end of the season they are using chiefly from Bear Wallow Spring which is by far the best supply of water late in the season....may be as many as 12 hunters camped in the vicinity of the spring late in the fall." " which has been converted from almost useless (for livestock grazing) brush land to cleared land which has been seeded to perennial grasses." Ridge tops cleared for grazing & fire breaks; Diagram, 6'x4'x2' redwood box buried at spring, est 2 gpm seepage, 75' of pipe to 6'diameter & 6' high metal regulatory supply tank, 3 gpm at tank inlet, 1-1/4" valve for domestic & fire uses at bottom of tank, float valve on 6'x2'x2' metal 165 gal stock trough, 1-1/4" overflow pipe leading to ??
    091666 requesting License Action, no change? 04/15 a change?
    122066 check for license, "listed as fire control source on progress reports. OK"; season shortened because use begins after 04/01
    012467 Approval for Signature, Water Right License
    050967 License for Diversion and Use of Water, as recorded 041267
    101569 Report of Licensee for 1967,1968,1969; checked off Apr-Oct; head 89 each year; domestic approx. 50 people-days /year; & wildlife
    121472 Report of Licensee for 1970,1971,1972; May-Nov; range cattle 15,74,74; persons 150,175,200; recreational: hunter-camper; water source fire control
    011676 Report of Licensee for 1973,1974,1975; Apr-Oct; range cattle 83,83,110; persons 110,120,125; waste filters through natural material & indirectly returns to stream channel
    022079 Report of Licensee for 1976,1977,1978; Apr-Oct; range cattle 88,56,50; persons 200,200,200; "overflow from trough is piped back into natural course water would follow if not diverted"; "In 1979 we hope to begin the grazing season earlier, on March 15. For this reason, the season of use should be revised to: March 1 to October 30."
    122981 Report of Licensee for 1979,1980,1981; Mar-Oct; range cow/calf 40,40,40; persons 200/season; "Use season has increased because this range allotment now opens annually on March 15 instead of April 15 as originall scheduled. Use period indicated on license is now incorrect." in red: STATEMENT TO BE FILED
    013085 Report of Licensee for 1982,1983,1984; Mar-Sept, & 2 Mar-July; range cow/calf 50 each year; cattle come off July, adding a sheep allotment late season; "Domestic use is incidental and should be dropped from 'purpose'"
    020888 Report of Licensee for 1985,1986,1987; Mar-Oct; 40 cow/calf each; persons 200/season; use period now 03/15, period on license incorrect;
    021991 Report of Licensee for 1988,1989,1990; Mar-Oct; 40 cattle; persons 200/season
    032494 Report of Licensee for 1991,1992,1993; Mar-Oct; 40 stock;
    071195 Report of Licensee for 1992,1993,1994; Mar-Oct; 40 cattle;
    072798 Report of Licensee for 1995,1996,1997; Mar-Aug; 40 cattle;
    102501 Report of Licensee for 1998,1999,2000; Apr-Oct; 50 cattle; wildlife;
    092904 Report of Licensee for 2001,2002,2003; Apr-Jul; 50 cattle; wildlife enhancement;


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