Glenn County - Tehama County - Colusa County , California.
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Comprehensive, Chronological INDEX of the case ; F=Filed, L=Lodged, S=Signed, R=Received

SWRCB APPLICATION A020614 - H.W. Jamieson/Fritz Mast Case Index
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[schedule of allowed Angle Decree usage at shows that SWRCB did not have jurisdiction to make or consider this application]

Cat 1 CORRESPONDENCE VOL. 1 OF 1 RECORD OF FOLDER [" F " - date filed if date originated not evident]

[Inside of file front cover]

Applicant: Fritz Mast and Alma Mast
Address: 4 Cielo court [sic], Orinda, CA 94563

Application 20614 (pencil 14115, 10595 [crossed off, error?, Colusa Main Drain], 18965, 20615)
Applicant: H.W. Jamieson and P.M. Jamieson
Received 02/15/1962 o.c.
Maps Filed 02/15/1962-A
Forms Sent 05/16/1962 8, 8A, 8b;
Fee $10.00

060462 OUWUA dism/withdrawn 07/24/1962
061562 USBR dism/withdrawn 07/24/1962

  • 052162 Affidavit of Posting Received
  • 100362 Permit 13736 issued
  • 042667 received notice of assigment to Elk Creek Association [sic], a Limited Partnership;
  • 050167 Rept. of Insp. by F.M. Kuchta
  • 031868 License 8550 issued & mailed to Glenn CR
  • 072976 name changed to Elk Creek Associates, a Limited Partnership;
  • 101289 assigned to Fritz Mast;

    Record of Fees:

    Record of Folders

    [Inside of file back cover]

    Progress Data Application 20614
    Use Stock Watering
    Source see supplement attached to ap (34 a.f.a total)
    Amount ditto
    POD ditto
    Right of access yes
    Maps filed 2A
    not in N.F.
    In Investigated Area: No
    Ref map II p. 22 Elk Creek
    spotted on Wall Map 03/15/1962 DLS 03/15/1962 CMH In form 04/10/1962 MH.
    Notices to: Reclamation w/ 2 copies


    012268 License Route Slip, year of max use 1964-65, license #8550
    UNDATED check by CHD: Reservoirs #10 2.1 AF; #11 3.7 AF; #12 21.6 AF; #13 18.8 AF; #14 6.4 AF ; total calculated FMK 51.7 CHD 52.6 AF
    UNDATED 2 topos photocopies A 20614 & A20615 with reservoir numbers added
    UNDATED on Form 17-A empty quarter quarter section line grid, drawn in 10,11,12,13,14,14A [14A diversion via ditch to #14]
    UNDATED Envelope Superseded (empty)
    UNDATED taped topo photocopies A 14115, 18965, 20614 & A20615 with Ap #s & reservoir numbers highlighted, and other previous Aps thereon.

    PAPERS "BOUND" IN FILE (re-sorted in date order):


    021562 Application to Appropriate Unappropriated Water; Superseded; H.W. & P.M. Jamieson, P.O. Box 8, Elk Creek, California; 34 a-f; 12/01 - 03/15; stockwatering; earth dams; canal 4' wide top, 4' wide bottom, 3'deep, 500' long, 10' per 1000 grade [!], earth canal; all completed & in use; own land; stockwatering; 4000 head of cattle; Elk Creek nearest P.O.;
    - Water Right Data:
  • #10 S11 SE 1/4 NW 1/4 4 a-f
  • #11 S2 SE 1/4 SW 1/4 8 a-f
  • #12 S2 NW 1/4 NW 1/4 8 a-f
  • #13 S35 SE 1/4 SW 1/4 8 a-f
  • #14 S22 SE 1/4 SE 1/4 6 a-f
  • #14A ? S23 SW 1/4 SW 1/4
  • 021562 slip attached, $10 pd in full, OK to file, "A" map

    021562 $10 receipt
    021662 form letter Hill to Jamieson; received, assigned #20614
    032162 letter Hill/SWRB to Dugan/Reclamation, enclosed 13 aps including 20614
    040562 letter Hill to Jamieson; enclosed are copies of aps 20614 & 20615 for your files, more to follow
    041862 letter Alex Johnson to SWRB; "As you requested, I am enclosing a record of the measurements of the dams covered in the applications HW. & P.M. Jamieson, Application #20614 and 20615. [para] I was delayed, as I did not have the measurements for the proposed dam #15. [para] It develops that the site situated by the Soil Conservation engineer would make a reservoir with a capacity of 21.6 acre feet. [para] May we request that the application be changed from 8 acre feet to 21.6 acre feet on Dam #15."
                  Storage Dam Dimentions [sic]
      Dam #             Height  Freeboard  Length  Surface Area
        1                 22.0      3        114         .69
        2                 12.0      3        165        1.38
        3                 22.3      3        258        2.87
        4                 12.0      5        150        1.38
        5                 20.0      4         63         .15
        6                 24.0      4        165        2.3
        7                 30.0      3        198        1.38
        8                 15.0      4         99        0.18
        9                  9.0      3.6      111        0.3
       10                 15.0      3        165        0.35
       11                 14.7      5        189        0.75
       12                 20.0      4        300        1.6 
       13                 20.0      5        360        1.8
       14                 20.0      3        189        1.0
        "  Diversion      15.0      3        180        0.0
       15                 18.7      3        205        3.5

    UNDATED unsigned Form to SWRB , authorizing Alex Johnson to sign for 20614 & 20615
    043062 letter Hill to Jamieson; cannot grant the increase from 8 a-f to 21.6 a-f for 20615 #15, have to file another ap for the difference; but, looking at your figures it's probable that some reservoirs will be larger and others smaller than you estimate, so recommend waiting until after the inspection to file for the supplemental storage; with Mr. Johnson representing you, both you and he should sign & return Form #2 enclosed
    051362 Form #2 authorizing Alex Johnson to sign Ap #20614 on their behalf
    051662 letter Hill to Jamieson; enclosed 3 copies of each of the 2 notices, post before 05/31/1962, affidavit before 06/25/1962; answer any protests....
    052262 return receipt cards;
    UNDATED Notice of Application to Appropriate Water; 6 diversions, mailing list of 10 on back
    051662 form letter Hill/SWRB to Postmaster; please post
    051662 Affidavit of Posting Notice; Johnson, 1) front wall of Bickford's Garage in Elk Creek; 2) Beside the door to the ranch office at the operating headquarters of the ranch located in the NE 1/4 NE 1/4 S9 T20N R6W MD
  • UNDATED blue instruction slip attached
    - 2 photos attached to slip; 1) front of Bickford Garage with notices circled; 2) front of ranch office, notices circled
    052362 form letter Hill/SWRB to Jamieson; received affidavits
    053162 letter Frost/Larimer & Frost to Hill/SWRB; OUWUA protests of Gilman & Jamieson Aps, 20614, 20615, 20642, 20643

    053162 Protest; R.W. Hollis, manager, OUWUA; injury Note 1, right Note 2, use Note 3, disregard/dismiss Note 4
  • Exhibit A
    - "Note No. 1: The entire flow of Stony Creek and all tributary streams in the Stony Creek water shed including all streams flowing into and out of East Park Reservoir and Stony Gorge Reservoir during each annual season at and near the point of proposed diversion is necessary and required and is fully utilized by this Association and its members as the holders of water rights within the boundaries of the Orland Project of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, except for certain riparian and appropriative rights which have already been established and fixed by judicial decree. [shame it wasn't under penalty of perjury]
    - "Note No. 2: Priority rights dated" 10/10/1906 , 10/11/1906 , 03/23/1910 , 03/25/1913 , 04/15/1864 , 01/27/1888 , 05/04/1897 , Decree of U.S. Dist. Ct. dated 01/13/1930.
    - "Note No. 3: The water rights of the U.S. of America with reference to the Orland Project and other landowners within the watershed of Stony Creek (including the predecessors in interest of the applicants) were adjudicated by Judicial Decree dated Jan. 13, 1930, in the Northern Division of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Second Division, in the case of 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff, vs. H.C. ANGLE, et al., Defendants, - In Equity No. 30", to which decree reference is hereby made for further particulars with reference to such water rights. The protestant ORLAND UNIT WATER USERS' ASSOC., is the successor in interest to the beneficial water rights of the U.S. of Amer. as defined in said decree pursuant to a contract entered into between the U.S. of America and the ORLAND UNIT WATER USERS' ASSOC., dated" 08/26/1954. "There are no other or additional waters in Stony Creek and its tributaries subject to appropriation during the irrigation season, or reservoir storage season at East Park Reservoir, at Stony Gorge Reservoir, at diversion dams and at tributary diversion dams, reservoirs and structures. [uh, this "position" applies to USA & its successors and assigns as much as to anyone else]
    - "Note No. 4:
    - - (a) No conditions will relieve protest.
    - - (b) This protest may be disregarded and dismissed if the diversion season is limited to the period between December 1st of each year and March 15th of the following year. [(a) & (b) are crossed off in this file copy]
    - - (c) This protest may be disregarded and dismissed if the State Water Rights Board imposes the following conditions upon any license or permit to be granted:
    'Permittee shall install and maintain an outlet pipe of adequate capacity in his dam as near as practicable to the bottom of the natural stream channel, or provide other means satisfactory to the State Water Rights Board, in order that water entering the reservoir or collected in the reservoir during and after the current storage season may be released into the downstream channel to the extent necessary to satisfy downstream prior rights and/or to the extent that appropriation of said water is not authorized under this permit.

    'This permit does not authorize collection of water to storage during the period from about March 15 to about December 1 of each season to effect [sic] evaporation and seepage losses.

    'Permittee shall allow representatives of the State Water Rights Board and other parties as may be authorized from time to time by said Board reasonable access to project works to determine compliance with the terms of this permit.'"
  • Exhibit B, list of 6 reservoirs on Ap 20614
    061462 letter Sullivan/Reclamation to Hill/SWRB; enclosed protests to 20614 & 20615
    061462 Protest, Ap. 20614;
  • injury: "During the irrigation season the entire flow of Stony Creek is required for adjudicated water rights, including water rights of the United States. Applicant's dams will capture such required water during the irrigation season. At times water captured during the storage season will be water to which the protestant has a prior right for storage and at times will be water sought in protestant's prior application 18115.";
  • claims right: "Priority rights acquired in 1888 and 1897 and decree in United States District Court dated" 01/13/1930. "Stony Creek waters were adjudicated by [on back] Judicial decree dated" 01/13/1930 "in the Northern District of California, Second Division in the case of United States of America, Plaintiff vs. H.C. Angle, et al., Defendants, No. 30."
  • use: "Lands within Orland Project have been under irrigation since 1910. The project works provide a full water supply for the irrigation of about 19,500 acres of irrigable land. Maximum quantity of 128,236 a.f. was used in 1953. The quantity of water diverted has averaged 111,200 a.f. for the period 1913 through 1960. The diversion period is usually from March 15 through December 1 of each year."
  • dismissal terms: "if provision is made for installation of adequate outlet works as near as practicable to the bottom of the natural stream channel, or for other means satisfactory to the Bureau for releasing water entering reservoir, and that applicants not be allowed to divert or retain water required to satisfy prior rights."

    062662 form letter Hill/SWRB to Jamieson; protests received, answer & serve answers by 07/10/1962; if settlement possible, can extend deadline.
    062662 form letter Hill/SWRB to Larimer & Frost/attys OUWUA; received protests;
    062862 form letter Hill/SWRB to Dugan/Reclamation; ditto
    070962 F letter Johnson/jamieson to SWRB; will accept settlement term on OUWUA protest, Note No. 4: (c), except that "effect" in 2nd paragraph changed to "offset"; copies to OUWUA & Reclamation
    071862 letter Dugan/Reclamation to Jamieson; result of 07/02 letter will withdraw protests;
    072462 letter Hill/Executive Officer to Jamieson; received your 07/02 letter agreeing to terms of OUWUA & Reclamation, protests dismissed

    021562 Application to Appropriate Unappropriated Water; work copy; in red: "not in N.F."
  • Water Right Data, schedule of ponds
    081562 check for Permit
    081562 Permit Terms; includes OUWUA term as terms 10, 9 & 8, except that to seepage losses is appended ", or for any other purpose."
    082962 Approval for Signature, Water Right Permit; 6 unnamed streams "No prior pending protested applications affected."
    100362 form letter Hill/SWRB to Jamieson; 20614 & 20615 approved, permits issued, should send $10 within 10 days;
    101562 receipt $5.00;
    101762 letter Hill/Executive Officer to Larimer & Frost/OUWUA & Dugan/Reclamation; FYI, permits issued to Jamieson
    101762 letter Hill/SWRB to Jamieson; permits on the back of enclosed ap
    101862 return receipt card


    120263 Progress Report by Permittee for the Year 1963; all complete before 1963; go dry Sept-Oct-Nov; stockwater 1359 head; "use is stock water reservoirs only - Above number of animals used water during the year"


    UNDATED F.M. Kuchta will be at Elk Creek 04/10/1967 to inspect; "Jamieson Ranch has been sold - name of new owner not known but new manager Herman Huff contacted by telephone" 04/04/1967
    050867 F Report of Inspection; owner Elk Creek Associates c/o Alex Winitsky; inspected 05/01 - 05/04/1967; w/Mr. Huff, Ranch Manager to each reservoir; recommend 27.8 a-f; flow at time of inspection "Not to exceed 3 gpm in any of the streams" "gravity collection in on-stream reservoirs"; limiting capacity, "5 reservoirs have total capacity of 51.7 AF"; "Spiderweb surveys of each reservoir--distances by stadia (using transit), depths in watered areas sounded from kayak, height of dams etc. by use of hand level and/or transit. Plotted to scale and planimetered." [to p. 2] Changes from POU: "Livestock water in 2 additional '40's' at Reservoir No. 11. Reservoir 13 extends an insignificant amount into another section and Reservoir 14 is split by a section line. These additions can be made under Section 744 of Rules and Regulations." "In all cases livestock drink direct from the reservoirs; however, in the case of Reservoir No. 11 water is also piped to two float-valve-controlled watering troughs and a small seepage dam has been constructed below the dam to collect water (seepage) for livestock to drink"; use "Normal for this area--if water were not collected during the winter months it would waste into the ocean. Without reservoirs this range could only be used for 3 or 4 months in the winter while with the reservoirs cattle are kept on the range for about 7 months each year"; "2000 to 4000 cows and calves have access to these reservoirs at maximum"; max diverted "About 52 acre-feet...1964-65"; zero dead storage, all go dry late in season"; Other Rights: "Riparian to all streams covered under this filing. On this particular portion of the ranch, there are no other rights." [to p. 3]
        Reservoir number      Permit amount   Capacity    Recommended for license
              10                   4 AF         2.0 AF              2.0 AF
              11                   8 AF         3.5 AF              3.5 AF
              12                   8 AF        21.2 AF              8.0 AF
              13                   8 AF        18.7 AF              8.0 AF
              14                   6 AF         6.3 AF              6.3 AF
           Totals                 34 AF        51.7 AF             27.8 AF
    - "These reservoir [sic] all fill each normal year and all are dry by the end of the summer. [para] Mr. Winitsky has been advised that some of the reservoir have a greater capacity than amount covered under permit and proposed license."`
    - Calculations: "022868 Permit 13736 does not limit the amount for each reservoir--the only limitation being the total amount of storage. The amount recommended for license for reservoir 14 was inadvertently raised above the estimate made in the application. Since Reservoirs 12 and 13 are also larger than their estimated capacities and the total above (as recommended) is smaller than the permit amount, the amount recommended for license for each of those reservoirs will be raised by 3.1 AF to bring the total amount covered under license up to the 34 AF covered under permit. Individual reservoir amounts recommended for license will be: No. 10 - 2.0 AF, No. 11 - 3.5 AF, No . 12 - 11.1 AF, No. 13 - 11.1 AF and No. 14 - 6.3 AF for a total of 34 AF for the 5 reservoirs."
    - - [to p. 4] #10, "An earthen fill dam 15' high to crest with 2.7' freeboard, water down 2.4'" 05/02/1967 "No outlet pipe. 1 gpm inflow and no outflow. Total...2.0 AF "
    - - [to p. 5]: #11, "Reservoir is fenced--cattle drink chiefly from seepage pool and water troughs altho can drink from reservoir until it drops 3 or 4 feet...Dam is equipped with 2" outlet pipe and valve....An earthen fill dam about 17-1/2' high to crest with 4' freeboard...Water just at spill point" 05/02/1967 "2 gpm inflow...Natural spillway 50' + or - wide & 200' wide at dam crest elev....3.5 AF" pipe thru dam, trough 1, trough 2, & "seepage dam & pool" all in downstream line from dam;
    - - [to p. 6] #12, "An earthen fill dam 22' high to crest having 4' freeboard. No outlet pipe. Water about 0.1' below spill point: 05/06/1967; inflow "Est. 3 gpm" 21.2 AF;
    - - [to p. 7] #13 "An earthen fill dam about 21' high to crest having 4' freeboard. Water about 0.1' below spill point" 05/03/1967; [no pipe shown] 18.7 AF;
    - - [to p. 8] #14 "An earthen fill dam about 19' high with 3' freeboard - down 3.6' below spillway at time of visit -' 05/01/1967 "No inflow...Natural drainage and contribution from diversion dam on next gulch to the south - both enter at this point." 6.3 AF "As indicated above a portion of the water stored in this reservoir is contributed by the next gulch to the south. The diversion dam appears to be located about as described in the permit. It is an earthen fill structure about 15' high x 60' long and has a freeboard of about 3'. The water is carried by ditch about 250' north and is then dropped into the gulch which enters the reservoir at Station 6. The ditch could carry at least 25 cfs or fill the reservoir in about 1/4 day."
    - - [to p. 9] "Remarks [para] Regarding present ownership--this portion of the original 'Jamieson Ranch' was purchased about two years ago by Elk Creek Associates but Mr. Jamieson neglected to inform the Board or did not realize that it was necessary. Mr. Winitsky of Beverly Hills who handles business matters for Elk Creek Associates was contacted about 2 weeks ago and will have Mr. Jamieson submit a notice of assignment. [para] The matter of sources is somewhat misleading--there are five reservoirs served by five unnamed streams which sounds perfectly normal however; reservoir No. 14 in addition to the water it collects from the stream upon which it is situated also receives a contribution from the next gulch or stream to the south via about 250' of earthen ditch. This situation is offset by the fact that Reservoirs 12 and 13 are located on the same stream--actually the main stream through this valley. Both have spillway capacity to handle 200 cfs or more. [para] Livestock are normally brought into this ranch (Jamieson Ranch) about November 1 and are usually taken out by June 1. In 1966 with the shortage of forage they were taken out earlier and during the present season with a surplus of feed, they may remain up into June or later." [para, handwritten] Both Mr. Winitsky and Mr. Huff were reminded of the outlet pipe clause - either ditch around or install siphons if required to release. Mr. Winitsky signed 16A with clause in place."
    - Photos; No 10; 11 with 1959 Ford Wagon; 12; 13; 14 with kayak on trailer behind 6-wheeled atv, cows in background; & "div. to offstream storage in Res. No. 14"

    050367 letter Hill/Executive Officer to Winitsky & Sellers; 14115, 18965, 20614 & 20615; #20614 to Elk Creek Association [sic] others to Sandy Lake Company; both limited partnerships
    063067 Request for License; total to 27.8, crossed off, made 34.0 with #12 & #13 changed to 11.1 a-f from 8;
    021562 Application to Appropriate Unappropriated Water; permit copy;
  • Water Right Data
  • 042667 Received Notice of Assignment to Elk Creek Association, a Limited Partnership
  • 100362 Permit No. 13736
    - Form 61-A attached thereto, "Important (Please Read Carefully)"; construct & use with diligence, not a right but can lead to a right, don't change POD/POU without application, if assigned notify & notify of change of address.
    012267 Check for License


    022468 Staff Recommendation for Water Rights License;
    031868 License for Diversion and Use of Water
  • 031968 certification of attached License


    100169 Report of Licensee for 1967, 1968, 1969; used every month; spilled each year; each year max 5' below spillway [sic]; each year end of season 8' below spillway; stockwatering "commercial 100 Hd"


    100169 Report of Licensee for 1970, 1971, 1972; used every month except July & Aug; spilled 1970 & 1971, not 1972; stock "Commercial 1200" head;


    120875 F Report of Licensee for 1973, 1974, 1975; used every month except Sept-Dec 1975; spilled 1973 & 1974, not yet 1975; "#8550 [Ap 14115?] Subject Res. This Reservoir was take over by Phillis Bostick....St. Helena...This Res used for Cattle Only"


    032476 letter Page/Supervising Engineer to Bostick; per Mr. Huff, changing Licenses 8550 & 8551 [20614 & 20615? to Phillis Bostick, and 7202 & 8688 [14115 & 18965?] to Sandy Lake & Phillis Bostick; unless hear otherwise within 30 days
    040276 letter Page/Supervising Engineer to Bostick; your 03/25/1976 letter & recent phone call, enclosed are topos showing the reservoirs & copies of the licenses;
    040776 letter Bostick to Carroll/Div WRights; enclosures not with the letter, appreciate having them ASAP, ask no re-allocation happen until she has all info, note name spelling
    042976 letter Page/Supervising Engineer to Bostick; your visit 04/20, changing License 8551 to Bostick, Sandy Lake, & Elk Creek License 8550 to Elk Creek Associates, a Limited Partnership License 8688 & 7202 to Bostick & Sandy Lake Company, a Limited Partnership


    121878 Contact Report, Phyllis Bostick called W.C. Smith/Div WRights; asks for copies of the 3 licenses; Elk Creek Assoc sold, she will encourage them to notify SWRCB, her new address (formerly Mrs. Jamieson), Pacific Grove


    032979 Report of Licensee for 1976, 1977, 1978; used every month except July-Oct; no spill 1976 & 1977, spilled 1978; each year 4' below spillway at max; each end of year dry; stock estimate 500 head beef cattle each year;


    011783 letter Cooper/Cooper-Sherman Engineering Co. to Mork/Div WRights; received your letter for 1980-82 report for Lic. 8550 for Elk Creek Associates, lost track of the license, please send another copy
    012783 letter Okada/Permit & License Unit to Cooper-Sherman; enclosed is a copy 8550/Ap 20614; if you are becoming the agent, please have assignment form completed, signed, returned
    0632483 Agent Assignment; B.L. Dorman signs notice designating himself as agent for Ap. 20614/ License 8550 ?
    042683 Report of Licensee for 1980, 1981, 1982; used every month except Jun - Aug 1980 & 1981, & July-Aug 1982; no spill & did not fill 1980, yes other 2 years; dry up end of seasons; stock, approx 500 head cattle, horses; conservation: "used for livestock only, you are unable to conserve"; minimize erosion: "poison squirrels"; after use, "this pond in field used for livestock only" "these horses & cows move about & use the lake part time gets to [sic] low in summer to trust to [sic] many cattle - gates opened. send copy of license & map for locations."


    102786 contact report L. Espinoza/Div WRights & Mr. Bernard Doorman; rep for Sandy lake Company, fills out the reports, send to him including copy of previous report
    110186 Report of Licensee for 1983, 1984, 1985; used every month except June - Aug; "just filled" every year, "not quite" emptied every year; 500 - 800 cattle - horses each year; domestic 3 persons, 3 acres; swim, boat, fish; conservation: "used for livestock only"; erosion control: "poisen [sic] squirrels"


    041989 letter O'Hagan/Associate WRC Engineer to Mast; informed you have acquired Sandy Lake, Bostick & Elk Creek Associates properties, Licenses 7202, 8688, 8550, 8551 (Aps 14415, 18965, 20614, 20615), changing to you unless hear otherwise within 30 days, copies of the licenses enclosed & a USGS quad with locations
    051189 Contact report Fritz Mast called John O'Hagan/Div WRights; same as in 14115.htm
    101689 F Report of Licensee for 1986, 1987, 1988; used every month except May-Nov 1988


    011992 Report of Licensee for 1989, 1990, 1991; no use at all, at max, "empty"; conservation: "Cattle couldn't grase since their was no water in southern half of valley" [all sic] "These ponds would be for livestock only if any water would ever get in it"; erosion: squirrle controlls [sic]


    041295 Report of Licensee for 1992, 1993, 1994; no use June-Oct except 1993 which was none June-Dec; spilled 1993, not other 2; "leaked & evaporated"; stock "500 pair" each year


    042397 Report of Licensee for 1994, 1995, 1996; no use June-Oct 1994 & 1995, July - Oct 1996; spilled 1995 & 1996, not 1994, "leaked all out & evaporated"; 1995 & 1996 "500 pair"; 1997 "800 helfers" [sic]
    051297 letter Okada/Div WRights to Mast; you request 20614 License 8550 be revoked, will forward for that; you state 14115 Apt 7202 is partially on Floyd Harlan's property, will show undivided; you state #1,3,6 & 15 total 36 A-f are all on Mr. Harlan's, enclosed a form for division of the license with copy to Mr. Harlan, no fee to split; Who owns #5?
    051697 contact report Mast called S. Okada/Div WRights; request for revocation of 20614 Lic 8550 was in error; #5 is on his property
    051997 letter Okada/Div WRights to Mast; confirming call


    040100 Report of Licensee for 1997, 1998, 1999; used every month; spilled 1997 & 1998, not 1999; feet below 8-10' 1997 & 1998, empty 1999; stock 1997 80-140, 1998 80-120, 1999 80-100; conservation: "Entered into Wild life Conservation program. All livestock is kept out of ponds & creeks. Water is piped into tanks & troughs."


    100303 Report of Licensee for 2000, 2001, 2002; "Life stock use from Dec to May; used every month except Jun-Nov; spilled every year; 120 head cows & calfs each year


    010804 bill Water Rights Fee $100.00


    042506 Report of Licensee for 2003, 2004, 2005; "Lifestock use & Wildlife Dec - May; used every month; spilled each year; The Mast Family Ltd Partnership


    051009 Report of Licensee for 2003, 2004, 2005; "Lifestock & Wild life Dec 15 - May 31st"; used every month except Jun - Nov; spilled 2006 & 2007, not 2008; 2008 10-15 feet down at max; emptied 2006 & 2007, not 2008 [?]; stockwatering 'Lifestock & Wildlife"

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