Summaries of 2009 Correspondence between Reclamation and Division of Water Rights before Notice of Petition for Ap 18115 Extension


032709 letter KDM ??/Div WRights to Sahlberg/Reclamation re Reclamation 02/17/2009 request for "a status update regarding its pending time extension petitions for the " CVP permits; "Reclamation originally requested extensions of time for the CVP permits as part of its September 19, 1985 petition letter requesting consolidation and expansion of the place of use of the CVP water right permits. The 1985 petitions for extension of time were publicly noticed with the CVP consolidation petitions. Protests were filed at that time, but it appears that the protests primarily address the consolidation petitions." [para] On 06/26/1996 "Reclamation filed a letter requesting time extensions on the [32] water rights listed above. The 1996 letter was intended to follow-up on a time extension request incorporated in the [09/19/1985] Reclamation petition letter. Once a time extension petition is noticed, it cannot be expanded." procedure is to file new petitions; Div would like to close out the 1985 petitions, 1) cancel in favor of the newly submitted petitions, or 2) indicate the 1985 petitions superseded by 2009 petitions, or 3) Div cancels the 1985 petitions because of no CEQA document; 30 days to respond, sig page missing?

042909 letter Woodley/Reclamation to Whitney/Div WRights ; re Kathy Mrowka 03/27/2009 letter: 16 CVP permits consolidated place- and purpose-of-use (CPOU) petition aproved in D 1641; 9 CVP related power ; one for Black Butte Reservoir, 6 for New Melones; Reclamation intends to submit a superseding petition within 30 days

062309 Petition for Extension of Time Ap 018115 Permit 13776 --
  • Supplement to Petition [swrcb/18115ext.pdf] -- "Reclamation has further determined that it is not possible at this time to accurately predict future operations and diversion levels at specific times during the extension period. Major uncertainties that include possible future State Water Board actions involving additional conditions to CVP permits, outcome of the Bay Delta Conservation Program...process, as well as any other future actions necessary for compliance with the Federal Endangered Species Act, frustrate any attempt to make such predictions at this time." "extension of time until the year 2030" [what happened to 40 years?]; refers to Bay Delta Conservation Plan EIR/EIS as covering Reclamation?

    071409 letter KDM/Div WRights to Woodley/Reclamation sig page missing received 32 petitions 06/29/2009 which supersede Reclamation's 09/19/1985 petitions for extension of time, no fees submitted? no agreement on file to reimburse the board (they expired 06/30/2009)? thus ap is incomplete & won't be processed, per Water Code 1560 subd (b)(4); Reclamation asserts that as superseding, no CDFG fee required, agree.