Mike Barkley, Candidate for Congress
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BIOGRAPHY: Michael James Barkley, 167 N. Sheridan Ave., Manteca, CA 95336 209/823-4817 mjbarkl@inreach.com

Born Oakland, CA , 10/27/1945; father an engineer with Standard Oil of California, mother a social worker and school teacher; brother an electronics engineer, 2 sisters - one a school teacher, other a CPA ; great grandparents were also Congressman Richard Pombo's great grandparents, but Richard apparently got all the conservative genes and I got all the progressive genes.

Grew up in Albany, Danville, Alamo, Orland, Yuba City, Oroville, Walnut Creek, Benicia, CA

Delivered newspapers, ages 12 to 16

Graduated Del Valle High School, Walnut Creek, CA 1963

U.S. Navy, 02/1964 - 12/1967 , made e-5 in 26 months, CT(A)-2, honorable discharge

Attended night school while in U.S. Navy at George Washington University, DC

Worked part time as a statistical typist.

After U.S. Navy worked for several small CPA firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Attended night school at San Francisco City College, San Francisco State Extension, and Golden Gate University, no undergraduate degree.

Began accumulating apartment buildings.

Passed a college equivalency exam (SCAT-UA scores 335 & 335, 99th percentile for College Seniors) and the CPA Exam, admitted as a CPA 01/31/1975, license #20979E now inactive, took the LSAT Exam (score 710); in U.S. Navy, scored 72 on GCT.

Attended Armstrong College Law School, Berkeley, CA, nights and graduated with a Juris Doctor 05/30/1980, eventually took and passed the bar exam and admitted to the California State Bar 02/11/1986 license #122433 active; never practiced law, but pursued some environmental and water litigation with mixed success including one settlement with CalTrans that was apparently a step in the proliferation of highway message boards throughout the North state

Self-published "Fair Credit Reporting, an Annotated Bibliography" in 1977 and sold some 700 copies to law libraries before halting publication.

Worked as an Accounting Manager at Sierra Pacific Insurance, and as a programmer-analyst at Insurnet and Pacific Bell, retiring 12/30/1997; Programming languages include unix, c, PICK (DataBasic, etc.), HTML, MS-DOS, Qbasic, Microsoft basic, RPG, (IBM) OCL ; at SPI built a complete general ledger system including all data entry for the year using IBM RPG-II, OCL & IBM utilities, in about 36 hours.

Passed the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals exam in 1995 and awarded professional designation Certified Computing Professional, CCP, specializing in Management & Business Information Systems (now lapsed)

Began activist work in late 1980s on water, flooding, graffiti, environmental and municipal development issues, with some success, received a few awards and commendations

Unsuccessful candidate for Manteca City Council 11/1990; qualified several initiatives door-to-door; instrumental in reducing municipal flooding in Manteca; started graffiti abatement program later taken over by the City of Manteca

Took music courses at Delta College and Modesto Junior College, sing an adequate choral and barbershop quartet bass.

Cared for wife from the time she wound up in a wheelchair early 1998 with multiple sclerosis until she died of hospital mistakes following surgery for ovarian cancer in 06/2006; skilled home-health care attendant.

Inherited some ranch & farm land west of Orland, CA; began effort to right the wrongs done to water rights by the Angle Decree, see mjbarkl.com/wars.htm

Began this set of web pages in year 2000, designed to upload very fast even on party line dialup for access by fellow ranchers in the 700 square miles of Stony Creek watershed upstream of Black Butte.

Appalled by the regular gun mass murders in this country, found the 01/08/2011 Tucson shooting to be the last straw and with nobody stepping up to the problem, decided in late January 2011 to run for Congress since that is the only place the needed changes can be initiated. First FEC filing 04/15/2011.

Remarried 2007, leaving wife out of this because of death threats from gun advocates.

Unsuccessful candidate for Congress, June 2012 Primary new California District 10.

Building web page for 1861-62 California floods, mjbarkl.com/floods.htm including 5 meg of cleaned-up OCR output in straight text of 1861-62 Sacramento Union flooding coverage.

Formerly 3-time elected Delegate to the California State Democratic Party Convention for Assembly District 12

Ran for Congress again, 2014, 2016 & 2018 Primary; knocked on doors of 160,069 registered DEM/IND/GRN/P&F voters, plus 6685 more than once.

Running for Congress again, 2020 Primary.

Member of a number of political, environmental, and professional organizations


--Mike Barkley, 167 N. Sheridan Ave., Manteca, CA 95336 (H) 209/823-4817

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